Supporting your remote workforce is part of what we do.

Remote support

While it’s great to have the option to work from home, does your current IT provider support this scenario? All to often we hear horror stories of people trying their best to work from home, and getting little-to-no support from their provider.

It shouldn’t have to be that way.

With Pure IT, whether you’re working in the office or from your bedroom, we’re here to support you, no matter what your setup is.

We know that every setup is different; maybe you have just a router & your PC, maybe you’ve got some switches, you might even have a fully equipped IT setup. Our expert networking team is on-hand to give you the guidance and assistance to get you setup & working in no time at all.

For anything that doesn’t require a visit, we’ll use our remote support tools to assist you from afar.

ScreenConnect and SimpleHelp

Remote device management

We’ve noticed a lot of people are choosing to work from home, especially if their position doesn’t actually have a necessity for them to be office based.

It’s a great little scenario, the user can’t get stuck in traffic on their big commute from the bed to the home office, they can be more productive in their own environment, and in some cases theres been an improvement in the user’s job satisfaction.

However, you may be thinking that outside of the coporate network you can’t be sure that their PC is up-to-date, that their anti-virus is running, or even that they’re sticking to your company’s technology fair-use policy. Plus, if they’re not on your domain, what risks do you incur without your group policy kicking in?

Usually, that would be the correct response. However, we can offer a full endpoint and mobile device management suite to enhance the control and regulation of how your users work from home.

Using Microsoft InTune & Azure Active Directory, we can provide a fully cloud-based management system, allowing custom policies to be set on the user accounts & PCs your users are working from. From something simple, like setting a corporate desktop background, to something more security facing like disk encryption and remote wiping, there’s something for everyone in our MDM suite.

Get in touch to find out how we can secure your mobile workforce.

COVID-19 & remote working

We’re aware that numerous IT providers have left their users without a viable working from home plan, causing issues across the board. If your provider isn’t taking proper care of you, we need to have a chat.

Understandably, no-one could have predicted quite how far the UK government was planning to go to address COVID-19, and quarantine seemed unlikely at the beginning.

When our customers came to us to discuss how working-from-home was going to work, whether it be long or short-term, we began advising & assisting them, giving them valuable information so that they could make an informed decision on how we could best assist them in the move prior to quarantine.

We’ve successfully assisted all of our customers who came to us for help, and made sure that changes were made (i.e. VPN setups, RRAS) so that their workforce could accommodate a swift change from the office to home working.

We have used Pure IT for the last 2 years and found them to be very professional, knowledgeable and a customer centric organisation. Giving us great service in resolving everything from password resets to complex network and Server issues.

Pure IT have consistently provided a quality service, no matter the request they are always ready to help, and in good time too.

We have built a true partnership with Pure IT, that delivers above expectations and responds to our needs.

James Price & John McKay, Macular Society