Telecoms Code of Practice

About Pure IT Support Ltd

    • Pure IT Support Ltd is an independent IT and Telecommunications company, established in 1998, supplying integrated telecommunications services to SME and corporate customers. These include the provision of mobile voice and data, fixed line and broadband services and telephone systems, with a focus on streamlining and convergence.
    • The purpose of this code The Code informs you about our products, services, and customer care policies.
    • Our code of practice on complaint handling and dispute resolutions has been approved by Ofcom, the independent regulator for the UK communications industries for the purpose of section 52 of the communications Act 2003. This code of Practice is published on our website: Additional copies are available on request and free of charge to any domestic and small business customers. It is also available in larger print.

How to contact us

    • Pure IT Support Ltd can be contacted from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm, excluding bank holidays, public holidays and the period from the 24th of December to the Monday of the first full working week, in January, each year.
    • By Phone: 02380 000500
    • By Email: [email protected]
    • By Letter: Pure IT Support Ltd, Unit 16, Monks Brook Industrial Park, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 4RA

Our commitment to you

    • We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of customer service. When we purchase our services from wholesale provider(s), we choose those providers carefully to ensure that you get a high quality service.
    • We make every reasonable effort to supply services that satisfy your requirements. We work to all relevant laws and regulations.

Our range of services

    • Mobile Voice & Data airtime, relevant hardware and data applications.
    • Fixed Line Voice & Data services including Least Cost Routing, Carrier Pre Selection, Wholesale Line Rental, ISDN, Broadband, NGN and Internet.
    • Telephone Systems, including survey, installation, leasing and maintenance.
    • For further details of our products and services, please contact us on 02380 000500 or visit our website,

New business

    • Upon the agreement of price and/or product you will be required to sign a contract. Your Pure IT Support Ltd contact will forward the relevant contract to you and our standard terms and conditions will apply.
    • Some specific product/service terms and conditions will apply and these will be provided with the contract in writing.
    • Minimum contract periods are specific to the product, however, in most instances minimum contract is expected to be 12 months, with a 30 day notice period unless otherwise stated.

Requesting cancellation from services

    • Should you wish to cancel a product and/or service before we have activated any internal instruction to proceed, you may do so without notice, in writing.
    • However, should you wish to cancel a product/service that has been activated/dispatched, you will be required to give 30 days’ notice and return any hardware by courier within 48 hours. Should you fail to do so full invoice value for either product and/or service will be due under standard payment terms and conditions.
    • Any charges incurred within the 30 day notice period will also be subject to standard terms and conditions of payment.
    • Should you have signed to a service/product that has been activated and has in excess of 30 day contractual obligation, you may be required to pay the full liability for that period.

Requesting terminations from Pure IT Support Ltd services and/or products

    • To request a termination/transfer from Pure IT Support Ltd services you are required to submit a letter by email to [email protected] or post indicating the relevant numbers that you wish to cancel.
    • This written correspondence will act as your 30 day notice period and as such should be noted to that effect.

Fault reporting

    • There are a number of ways to report a fault to Pure IT Support Ltd staff.
    • Telephone: 02380 000500
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Through all the above methods it will be necessary to note the number/products affected by the fault with as much detail about the fault behaviour. You may be asked to collate further detail in the case of network faults.

Bill payment

    • Various payment methods and terms are available and can be discussed with your Account Manager.
    • Standard acceptable terms for line rental and call charges are on a 14 day basis by Direct Debit unless otherwise agreed.
    • Line rentals are billed one month in advance and call charges, once month in arrears.


    • Due to the wide range of products and services available with Pure IT Support Ltd, pricing is available through discussions with your Account manager.
    • New business pricing is subject to your requirements and will be confirmed by way of proposal in writing before any contractual agreements are made. Some standard pricing is available on our website,

Debt recovery

    • Customers are normally required to pay their bills within 14 days of receipt or within the agreed terms.
    • Where this doesn’t happen then Pure IT Support Ltd may pursue payment by calling and/or sending reminders.
    • If there is no response to the initial contact made and/or full payment of the arrears is not made, then the customer’s services may be restricted.
    • The customer will be reminded that continued non payment will lead to full disconnection of the service.
    • We will follow this with debt recovery procedures, which would include the disclosure of relevant customer information to the appropriate credit vetting agencies leading to a possible bad credit history.
    • Pure IT Support Ltd reserves the right to suspend all services without notice if the company has grounds to believe that there is an unacceptable credit risk.
    • Any customer must settle all outstanding debts and may be subject to additional credit checking and reconnection charges before service is re-provided.
    • The existence of this code will be brought to the attention of customers experiencing payment difficulties.

If you are moving home or office

    • Please call our Team on 02380 000500 no later than 20 days before your move date. We will amend your account and billing requirements as necessary.
    • In some cases the relocation of radio equipment may be subject to Ofcom approval.

Customer service and complaints

    • We make every effort to ensure that our customers are happy with the level of service, and the products and service they receive from us. However, despite our best efforts, things can go wrong.
    • We take customer complaints very seriously and we aim to resolve them quickly and efficiently.
    • If you have a complaint about any part of our service, please contact Team on 02380 000500. Our advisors will ask you about your complaint and seek to resolve the problem while you are on the line.
    • During any discussions we will protect the privacy of the information we hold on you. To do this we may have to ask questions to confirm that we are speaking to the right person.
    • You may also send your complaint to us in writing to Pure IT Support Ltd, Unit 16, Monks Brook Industrial Park, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 4RA.
    • We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently, and to keep you informed at all times.
    • If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can take it further within our company and ultimately to the Managing Director at the above address.
    • If your complaint has been outstanding for more than 8 weeks or you have received a letter from us saying that your complaint has reached “deadlock” then you may ask for help from CISAS.
    • CISAS is an independent organisation which is approved by Ofcom to provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service.
    • Ofcom-approved ADR services sort out disputes between communication providers and their consumer and small business customers.
    • Their job is to investigate complaints fairly by listening to both parties. They look at the facts given to them before deciding any action that may be needed to put things right.

Compensation and Refund Policy

    • Our compensation and refund policies are in line with our Terms and Conditions and are normally executed by way of a credit note against invoice.
    • Under circumstances where contract conditions no longer apply and a customer no longer receives invoices, refund or compensation will be made by cheque or BACs.

Nuisance calls

    • We take the problem of nuisance calls and malicious communications very seriously.
    • We tackle it by working closely with the police and others in the communications industry.
    • If you have been a victim of this activity, please call our Telecoms Manager on 02380 000500 to report the incident, and for further information on how to deal with this situation.

Useful addresses:

    • CISAS
      24 Angel Gate,
      City Road,
      EC1V 2PT
      Email: [email protected]
      Tel: 020 7520 3827
      Fax: 020 7520 3829

Further advice is available from Ofcom;

    • Ofcom
      Ofcom Contact Centre
      Riverside House
      2a Southwark Bridge Road
      SE1 9HA
      Contact Number: 0207 981 3040
      Fax: 0207 981 3333
      Email: [email protected]
    • ICSTIS
      4th Floor
      Clove Building
      4 Maguire Street
      SE1 2NQ
      Contact Number: 0207 940 7474
      Fax: 0207 940 7456

Data protection

    • All customer data held by Pure IT Support Ltd is subject to the legislation and kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
    • Should any authority such as Police or Customs and Excise wish us to disclose information, this will only be given with the appropriate and legal paperwork required.

Additional Information

    • This Code has been approved by Ofcom for the purposes of section 52 of the Communications Act 2003.
    • The Guidelines for producing codes of practice are on Ofcom’s Website at