Reduce your IT overhead & spend time focusing on your business.

Tailored support

All too often we see IT providers selling a single IT support contract believing that ‘one size fits all’ – we know that no single pre-set contract can do that, and if your IT provider can’t offer you that, then it’s time to move on.

We provide fully customisable contract IT support plans that are bespoke to you and the needs of your business. Long gone are the days of paying for services you don’t need and retainers for support you’ll never use.

The Pure IT way is simple.

We do a full assessment on the technology you currently have deployed within your business; your support is fully based around this. Plus, we’re always happy to have a chat to discuss your needs as & when, so if there’s something you want added, removed, or modified, just get in-touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Your plan is


The onboarding process

Is your current provider not performing up to standard? Are you worried about moving due to potential complications or the onboarding process? 

People are often worried & cautious about moving IT providers due to the perceived amount of work required to get them up & running. 

Some of these concerns may be: 

Will the new provider be able to cope?
Will the new provider understand my technology?
Will the new provider understand my requirements?

Let us put your mind at rest. 

With Pure IT, onboarding isn’t hard. 

For us, onboarding technology from the previous provider is no hassle at all; to us a server is a server, a router is a router – it doesn’t matter how your previous provider phrased / overcomplicated it before, the technology is still the same underneath.

We take the time to learn your systems inside & out, but you’d be surprised how little work that is for us.

Get in touch for a free no obligation quotation, and let us show you how IT should be done.

What else do we provide?

We have support specialists and engineers from a diverse range of technological backgrounds, with certified by Cisco, Microsoft, WatchGuard, CyberEssentials, and a whole host of governing bodies – making us one of Hampshire’s IT leaders.

Our services range from proactive support, meaning that you’ll never have to lift a finger as we’ll be installing updates & patches in the background, through to both remote & on-site support, so we’ve got you covered wherever you are.

That’s just a taster of everything we have to offer, so get in-touch to find out how we can support you & your business.

Check out our team to find out more about the wonderful people who are more than happy to look after your systems.

Get in touch to learn more & get a FREE no-obligation quotation

Based in the South of the England, supporting anywhere in the UK

We’ve been based in Southampton for over 20 years, and more recently opened a regional office in Camberley, Surrey.

Our engineers call these offices home, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be local to get support.

We have a range of remote support options available that mean we can connect to your PC without even leaving the office. The majority of our remote support based tickets are resolved within 20 minutes.

For customers more local to the South Coast, we do offer site-visits for face-to-face support.

We’ve been able to help numerous customers with face-to-face & on-site support; our team pride themselves on their interpersonal skills to provide you a service like no-other.

We can help you with the following on-site support:

  • Networking & System Implementation
  • Office Moves
  • Server Migrations, Design, Specs & Implementation
  • Server & Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Windows, Apple & Android Support
  • Wireless Network Design, Deployment & Monitoring
  • Server & Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Technical Diagnostics
  • IT Maintenance Work & Monitoring
  • Custom Spec Device Support

I’ve been using Pure IT for 3 years in my role as IT Manager at Spicers. In that time, Pure IT team have successfully co-ordinated and managed the implementation of several business-critical IT projects, all of which have been on time and within agreed budgets.

Pure IT is a pleasure to work with, displaying a warm, calm, positive and wholly approachable professionalism and attitude throughout all of their work. Especially I’m impressed with a quick response and resolution time i.e. when there are some technical problems with our internet lines, Pure IT would keep me updated and work through the night to resolve the issue.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pure IT team and would highly recommend them as consummate IT professionals.

Mat Woloszyn, Keith Spicers