Our enterprise-grade hosted phone system, Purefone, is ahead of it’s time.

Fully hosted phones

Gone are the days of having to frustratingly integrate a new phone system into your existing infrastructure. No more PBX VLANing, no more issues with the PBX hogging bandwidth, and no more reboots because the PBX can’t see the VOIP account.

Our hosted telephony system rids you of all of those issues.

We’ve got the latest enterprise grade platform (Broadsoft) running on BT’s enterprise grade network; a service we call Purefone. This is a flexible, cost-effective package that removes the need to purchase a telephone system upfront.

  • Enterprise Grade Service

    An enterprise grade hosted platform (Broadsoft) running on the UK's biggest enterprise grade network (BT)

  • Feature-Rich License Model

    Our license package is bigger, better & more inclusive than market leaders; our high-quality handset is inclusive too.

  • Better Quality of Service

    Our quality of service (QoS) is end-to-end, delivering a consistent & better customer experience than market leaders.

Purefone has transparent pricing, there's no hidden fees

We provide transparent pricing, so you know how much you’re paying per user, as well as for optional add-ons like voicemail & call forwarding.

How do you know this service is good?

Well, we use it ourselves.

Being that this service is fully hosted, the only device you need is the phone. As long as it’s connected to the internet, you can use the handset anywhere, anytime. Our staff often take their Polycom phones away from the office when they’re going to be working from home; they simply plug them in, and they can make and take calls.

Additionally, should you feel safer leaving your handsets at the office, our service integrates with OfficeUC, BT’s mobile app for making & receiving hosted telephony calls on your mobile device.

The great thing about Purefone is that it’s future proofed and will evolve and grow with your business, adding new functionality and features along the way.

Unlike many communications services, Purefone is increasingly more accessible. Available on a desk phone, mobile or even an installed app, HVS allows your business to be highly flexible.

You can replace your ageing phone system with a cost-effective hosted solution to match your needs, safe in the knowledge that Purefone will grow with you and require no on-going maintenance fees.

Our infrastructure is maintained and upgraded
regularly to improve performance, capacity and introduce new features.

We deploy Polycom handsets which are specifically designed to work with the hosted VOIP system, so you can get the most desirable call quality available; let’s have a chat & we can take you through the other bonuses.

What else can Purefone do?

Our hosted telephony system can do a number of things; here’s a preview of some of the additional add-ons that can be enabled:

Busy Lamp Field
See the status of your colleagues/employees on their phone, with BLF lights indicating whether they’re dialling a call, currently on a call, or on ‘Do Not Disturb’.

CRM Plugins
Via GoIntegrator, we can setup your Purefone to link with your existing CRM System* while logging calls, and pulling contact data from your CRM so you can see who’s calling.

Webex App
The Webex app allows you to sign in as your Purefone account on your smartphone or laptop, enabling you to make & receive calls without the physical handset present.

Pure IT provide full support to our systems including VOIP telephones, Email, CRM and Accounting software. Their extensive knowledge is backed up with a very high level of service which gives us both the time and confidence to concentrate on growing our own business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client.

Andrew Keast, MIA Sports Solutions