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What are cloud solutions?

A cloud solution is essentially a platform, piece of infrastructure, application, or storage service which is hosted off-site from your working offices.

Thankfully, the cloud is a wonderful thing. It’s an ever-growing solution; a flexible way to expand your IT infrastructure without capital expenditure and a modern technology that has a lot to offer today’s businesses.

Examples of common cloud-based solutions would be:

Hosted Email – no need for an on-site email server.

Hosted Applications – no need for an on-site application server.

Hosted AD – no need for a VPN to sign into your user accounts remotely.

Email, AD, users & computers

It’s an exciting time to own/run a commercial success, especially when you have access to all the resources you need & you can crack on with focussing on your business.

That is until something big happens and you’re required to work from home.

Your email server is back at the office, as are your important files, and you need a VPN just to log in and access your user account. Pair this with the amount of potential issues can that arise due to the difference in all of your employees’ home-working setups, and it’s quickly becoming a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, this is where the cloud comes in. Cloud technologies are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to host services and infrastructure away from the office.

For a start, with Office 365, your emails can now be fully cloud hosted, meaning you can get access to them wherever you are. Pair our business email hosting with Azure Active Directory, and you can keep all of your users in the cloud too – no more VPN connections needed to access the accounts, simply login with your AAD details and you’re good to go!

Our email hosting for business plans have been especially popular during lockdown, with some customers choosing to migrate their entire email system to Office 365. We’ve had some very successful hybrid cloud migrations too, where customers have wanted their on-premises servers to communicate with cloud-based solutions in a hybrid cloud environment.

Microsoft Teams is also becoming an increasingly popular requirement as more and more customers are choosing to communicate internally with messaging apps as opposed to an email client like Microsoft Outlook.

Teams is essentially a direct-messaging service created by Microsoft, which links in with their 365 customised email hosting and Azure Active Directory platforms. This can be used for audio and video calls & conferencing, as well as scheduling meetings on the fly. It’s proven to be an essential tool for businesses with remote workers or on-site engineers.

Perhaps your office is too small for a physical server, maybe you don’t want a lot of infrastructure in the way of your working area – that’s not a problem for Azure Virtual Machines. This is a simple way to host both servers & workstations in the cloud, with any-time access from wherever you like.

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Bespoke cloud software

Not only can we provide pre-packaged cloud services, set them up & provide you with technical assistance, but we can also provide bespoke hosted software. If there’s a service you need, but the out-of-the-box solutions don’t meet your requirements, then we can build and tailor hosted software specifically for you.

We’ve had numerous successful cloud software projects, including CRM systems, booking systems, order management systems, archive record systems, and so much more.

Our bespoke systems don’t just cover software, we also provide website design services, as well as web hosting, so you really do get the complete package with us.

Best of all, our hosting UK based. We can host software for you via Azure in a UK region, or via our super-fast data centres in the South of the UK.

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We have always found Pure IT to be dedicated, friendly and supportive. As a relatively small organisation, we prefer to work with smaller teams than large corporations, and Pure’s approach fits very well with our own. We have built a strong working relationship and they are always there when we need them. Moving to Office 365 has also enabled us to work more efficiently and flexibly.

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