Everyone’s passwords are for sale on the dark web

Virtually everyone living in Hampshire has had their passwords stolen – and they’re all up for sale on the dark web.   And now local businesses need to take greater steps to protect themselves, and stop hackers from breaking into their systems.   “This is such a huge problem, literally affecting everyone. Yet, so few […]

Resurgence in webcam scam fooling Hampshire “work from home” staff

A clever online scam that’s been around for years has seen a resurgence in Hampshire in the last few weeks – because everyone’s using their webcams more.   The so-called “sextortion” scam fools staff into thinking they’ve been filmed by their own webcam while visiting adult websites.   Some choose to pay up to £1,000 […]

Lockdown: “Biggest ever cyber attack” warning for Hampshire businesses

The biggest ever cyber attack in history could hit Hampshire businesses before the end of the year – and it’s all because of the lockdown.   That’s the prediction from local IT and data security expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT.   He believes the urgent changes made to allow people to work from home […]

Hampshire expert urges business leaders to prepare for end of lockdown now

A local IT expert is urging business owners and managers in Hampshire to prepare for the end of lockdown now – even though no-one knows when or how it will happen. Expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT believes all local businesses have a chance right now to be fully prepared for every possible ending to […]

Free tool for Hampshire businesses to see if their email address has been stolen

A Hampshire IT support company has provided a free tool for local businesses to see if their email addresses have been stolen. Pure IT owner Steve Macklin set up the free check at https://pureitgroup.co.uk/cyber-security-suite/ after realising thousands of local businesses had no idea they were at risk. “We subscribe to clever services that let us see […]

Thousands of Hampshire businesses still at risk as computer deadline looms

Thousands of Hampshire businesses are being warned to take action on a major computer problem – that could bite them straight after Christmas. In January, Microsoft is killing its popular but ageing Windows 7. And far too many businesses are still relying upon it, according to local expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT. “Windows 7 […]

Hampshire author’s new book reveals huge bank hacking risk from email

A Hampshire author has launched a brand new book – aiming to teach local business owners about the massive cyber security risks of email. In “Email Hijack”, data security expert Steve Macklin explores how the majority of hacks start with one dodgy email. But that can easily lead to money being stolen from a business […]

Hampshire firms warned to take action on Windows 7 ticking time bomb

Half of all businesses in Hampshire are still relying on old out-of-date software that only has months left to live. It’s the town’s biggest business ticking time bomb, according to local IT expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT. “Microsoft is ending the life of lots of software in January,” he explained. “And any business round […]

Hall of Hampshire firms still don’t backup critical data

It’s estimated half of all businesses in Hampshire still don’t have proper data backup in place – despite the technology being cheaper and easier than it’s ever been. That estimate is based on access to industry data, backed up with local observations by Hampshire IT expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT. “It’s terrifying how many […]