As you add an increasing amount of public environments into your network, your firewalls have to work overtime to stay secure which can be cost-consuming.

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall F was designed to optimize performance under this increasing pressure, and security.

  • Simple pricing with no licensing fees.
  • Unlimited site-to-site and client-to-site VPN included
  • Use the way you want: hardware, virtual, or cloud
  • Management through one graphical user interface without a command-line interface

Full Next Gen Security:

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series is carefully designed and built to provide all-inclusive, next-generation firewall protection.

More resource-intensive tasks like sand-boxing — required for protecting against theft—are effortlessly combined in the cloud.

All NextGen Firewall models provide the same level of security, maintaining maximum security from branch offices to headquarters.

In the cloud, you need to connect branch offices with the cloud in a direct and secure way. However, back-hauling traffic to the internet gateway using MPLS can be very expensive. Barracuda NextGen Firewalls lets you replace overpriced MPLS connections with cost-efficient broadband connections.

You can use up to 24 broadband connections per VPN tunnel for bigger bandwidth at lower cost.

The NextGen Firewall F-Series combines next-generation security and SD-WAN skills in one single product that you can manage yourself.

This lets you access the benefits of the cloud safely, and to improve cloud access from anywhere in the network. Low line costs and efficient administration help to reduce operating costs significantly.

Technical Specs-Firewall

  • Tasteful packet inspection and forwarding
  • Full user-identity awareness
  • Application control and grainy application enforcement
  • Seizure and decryption of SSL/ TLS encrypted applications
  • Antivirus and web filtering
  • Email security
  • SafeSearch enforcement
  • Google Accounts Implementation
  • Denial of Service protection (DoS/DDoS)
  • Spoofing and flooding protection
  • ARP deceiving and trashing protection
  • DNS reputation cleaning
  • Dynamic rules / timer triggers
  • Single object-oriented rule
  • Virtual rule test environment

Available in Bundles:

  • Advanced Threat and Malware Protection combines protection against misuse, viruses, sandboxing, exploits and other advanced malware.
  • Total Protect bundles the hardware unit with Energize Updates, Application Control, IPS, Web Filter, Malware Protection, Email Security, Warranty Extension, and 8×5 basic support.
  • Total Protect PLUS bundles the hardware unit with Energize Updates, Application Control, IPS, Web Filter, Email Security, Advanced Threat and Malware Protection, Advanced Remote Access, and 24×7 support.