Can you actually predict a device failure? Yes.

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All too commonly devices can seemingly die out of nowhere.

But, did you know you can monitor your computer for software & hardware errors and catch them before they become bigger problems? In many cases you can save the device from what would otherwise have been almost certain doom.

When you think that a moderately spec’d business computer can be around £600 – £900, it really puts into perspective how much money you’re throwing away every year by having to replace devices – especially when in many cases the device could have been saved.

So how do you go about predicting a seemingly random device failure?

The answer: RMM.

RMM stands for ‘Remote Monitoring & Management’ and usually comes in the form of a piece of software that can be installed on all of your business’s desktops, laptops and servers (also called an RMM client), or as a service running on a server that analyses devices on your network (also called a probe service).

RMM software constantly checks devices, looking for the early signs of problems such as impending hard drive failures, overheating issues, memory problems and many other potential hardware problems.

This doesn’t just look at hardware faults though. The RMM client looks at the software that runs on your device also, looking for services & processes that are using up your resources unnecessarily, as well as reporting which pieces of software are generating lots of errors.

Activity reports like this allow us to see issues as they happen and help us prevent them from becoming bigger issues.

By using these features of RMM, we can spot the warning signs of a potential disaster early. These proactive measures allow us to address the issue and fix it, meaning your devices get to live a much longer and healthier life.

This also generally means that your devices should be in better working condition, so slowdowns, system crashes and other issues that impede you & your team’s ability to work will become a thing of the past.

Get in-touch today to discuss the RMM solutions we have available and make your devices work for you.

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