Why moving to the cloud could be best for 2021

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With the move to working from home gathering pace over these last 8 months, businesses are re-examining whether they should move data services to the cloud.

Previously only a few staff at any one time worked remotely, however with larger numbers attempting to access data hosted on servers in the office, issues over broadband speed and security are leading many business owners to question if this is the right approach.

That’s why Pure IT believe in the cloud.

Forget tricky on-premises setups behind mountains of security and backups, moving to a secure cloud environment can empower your business, making your core applications & services accessible from anywhere.

We get it, we know one-size doesn’t fit all so we offer a bespoke service partnering with best of breed providers such as Microsoft, BT and Tier 1 data centres.

We will take the time to understand your business needs and present you with a clear plan to migrate your data services and then provide the on-going support within the cloud.

Get in touch to find out how we can move your systems to the cloud, and remember, the sky’s the limit.

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