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We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”… but let’s face it, we all do from time-to-time!

It’s well-known among publishing houses that the wrong cover on a novel can kill sales.

Sometimes they will re-release decades-old bestsellers with a brand-new cover, in order to trigger a fresh burst of sales. We look at the wrapping and make an instant snap decision on whether the contents are for us or not.

Your website suffers from this effect too.

If it looks old and tired, then potential customers will judge your business as being old and tired too – even if that’s far from the case.

Now here’s a thought – I believe your website ages in ‘dog years’.

Every year that passes is at least 4 years on the internet! This means that if your website is 3 or more years old, you need to update the look & feel as a matter of priority.

The online world changes so quickly. Screen sizes, the tools available, design trends; I look back at websites I admired three years ago and cringe today.

The decision makers that you want to influence can’t put their finger on specifically what it is that makes your website seem out of date, they just know. That’s because they are comparing it to every single other site they are using.

This doesn’t just include your competitors, but all websites; Facebook, Amazon & the BBC to name a few.

So in a world of beautiful & highly functional websites, how do you transform your mediocre one into a UI/UX masterpiece?

1. Make your website responsive

There’s nothing more painful than a website that only looks good on a desktop, especially with more & more people using their smartphone or tablet to browse the web.

By setting constraints & breakpoints, you can make your site look beautiful on as many set sizes as you like, so that your website looks perfect across every device.

2. Use a colour palette & stick to it

Pretty colours may grab they eye, but if your site is using all of them at once it can be overwhelming to say the least. Your website needs to be legible without giving people a headache.

The easiest way to achieve this is to set yourself a colour palette to stick with. Have ~3 set colours that you want to use across your website, add an accent colour for some flair and take it from there. Not sure which colours to pick? Try Coolors.

This is a real life example of a full rainbow not leading to a pot of gold.

3. Call to action

What do you actually want your user to do on your website? You might have forms setup to collect leads, but without instruction the user probably won’t even click on them.

A call to action dictates what decisions you want the user to undertake on your site; a beautiful banner that stands out from the main content, prompting the user to use your form to get-in-touch is just one of many ways you can implement this.

4. Take inspiration

Look at your competitors. What does their website have that yours doesn’t? How does their design differ from yours? Perhaps they’ve implemented Google Maps so their customers can find them, perhaps they’re using a mega-menu.

Without directly copying your competitors, it’s fine to take some creative direction from their site. Heck, you might even find some things you like from websites unrelated to your industry – certain border styles or button transitions might be what your site needs.

5. Keep it interesting

You could have the most informative content on the planet, but if it’s not seen as interesting by your target audience, then there’s no point in publishing it. Your content needs to be interesting, relevant & memorable.

Not only this, but your site needs to be the same – add some flair to your buttons with hover effects, get some relevant stock images (or create your own) & really bring attention to the important parts of your site.

If there’s anything in this list that you’d love to integrate into your site, but aren’t sure how, or even if you just want a consultation on your current website – get in touch today & we’ll bring your website to life.

We build beautiful, responsive websites at Pure IT – for our full portfolio, please get in touch!

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