Windows 10 is flooding me with notifications

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This applies to you if:

• You have many stacked & unstacked notifications on your screen
• The rate at which you receive notifications feels far too common
• You have to swipe away numerous notifications every time you use your PC

To put this into context…

Windows 10 includes an area of aggregated notifications on your PC, called Action Centre.

This panel is hidden by default on the right-side of your display, however it can be called up on demand by hitting the Action Centre button at the bottom right of your taskbar, or by pressing ‘Windows Key’ and ‘A’ at the same time.

This can very easily become flooded with various notifications, especially if all of your apps have notifications enabled. Notifications aren’t just generated by important apps like Mail & Windows Update, they can also be generated by any number of installed games & apps from the Windows Store.


In order to sort this & unclog your notification tray, you can actively filter out the notifications that you don’t want to receive.

To do this you’ll need to open Settings, which you can do by clicking the Start Menu & clicking the cog icon, or by pressing ‘Windows Key’ and ‘S’.

Within the Settings app, click on ‘Notifications & Actions’. This will show you a list of the installed apps on your computer alongside toggle buttons that allow you to enable & disable notifications for that specific application.

Switching the toggle to the ‘off’ position will disable notifications for the app, while switching the toggle to the ‘on’ position will enable notifications for the app.

Still stuck?

If you’ve had any trouble with these instructions, or there’s something you don’t understand, please reach out to our support team.

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