4 EASY MISTAKES you need to AVOID before the 2nd lockdown

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With the threat of another lockdown on the horizon, is your business fully prepared for more working from home?

We’ve compiled the top 4 mistakes you need to avoid to get your business through a second lockdown.

  1. First mistake – not using VPNs
    When no-one’s in the office, how are your users planning to access the file server from home? The answer – VPNs. Setting up a VPN allows your users to remotely access the file server, and any other networked resources that you want to make accessible to them.

    If you use redirected profiles (user accounts, documents & desktop are stored on a server) then VPNs are a MUST.

  2. Second mistake – not using device encryption
    With your business’s PCs out of the office on a more permanent basis, you need a solution to keep the data on the devices secure. You can accomplish this with encryption.

    One simple way to do this is to enable BitLocker (Windows) or FileVault (MacOS). These two built-in softwares encrypt the drive(s) in your device to stop them from being accessible if the device is lost or stolen. In the event the drive is taken out of the device, a password will be required to access the data on it, stopping potential data thieves from getting access.

  3. Third mistake, not setting up MDM
    MDM stands for ‘Mobile Device Management’ and is a special service that allows you to remotely manage devices that have been setup & included in your MDM suite.

    One great way to accomplish this is Microsoft InTune, which gives you an incredible set of MDM tools & features to keep all of your devices in check.

  4. The final, most important mistake, not enabling your phones to work remotely
    If there’s one thing you need to be mindful of, it’s your phone system – something that can fundamentally make or break your business when your workforce becomes remote-based.

    Typically, your company’s phone system just works.

    However, going into lockdown caused significant difficulties for several of our clients that were working from home with no access to the office phone system.

    The ability to make and receive calls anywhere other than the office is now vital to all businesses.

    This is generally only available to those with modern phone services. But if you are restricted by your old phone system, we can solve this.

    During the first weeks of lockdown we efficiently switched clients to our Hosted Phone Service in a matter of days, bypassing their ineffective phone systems.

    Since everything is done in the cloud, there is no need for a physical box on the wall, a maintenance contract, and certainly no need for expensive engineers to be called.

Our Hosted Phone Service works on a simple pricing model and is run on the UK’s biggest enterprise network, powered by BT.

With our ‘use anywhere’ handsets & mobile app, your staff will never be limited again.

Get in touch now to join the telecoms revolution and discover the benefits of our hosted phone service fit for today’s flexible working.

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