3 ESSENTIAL tips for better password security

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I’m sure all of your important information is password protected, but is it as secure as you think?

Just like you wouldn’t use a single key to access your house, car and office – having one password for multiple apps is risky.

Despite all the reports about cyber crime, three in four people are still using the same easy-to-guess password across multiple apps.

So, how secure are your passwords?

Even if you think you’ve chosen a code that’s really unique, hackers may still find a way to crack it.

Some use a technique called brute force. This is done using software, where they try millions of different combinations of letters and numbers until they get in.

If you’ve chosen a word that’s in the dictionary, it’s even easier to guess.

With so much shared online, often all it takes is a quick search of your social media profiles. This gives hackers lots of clues, from pet names to anniversaries.

So here are our 3 essential tips to create better passwords for tougher security.

Number 1)
Combining random words with numbers and special characters, which makes it much harder to guess as it won’t likely be a common phrase.

Number 2)
Using a password generation tool or a password manager to generate complex passwords & store them away from prying eyes.

Number 3)
Adopting multi-factor authentication, using apps like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to generate one-time passcodes that only you have access to.

Password security doesn’t have to be difficult, contact us today and ask how we can help protect your precious data.

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