Thousands of Hampshire businesses still at risk as computer deadline looms

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Thousands of Hampshire businesses are being warned to take action on a major computer problem – that could bite them straight after Christmas.

In January, Microsoft is killing its popular but ageing Windows 7.

And far too many businesses are still relying upon it, according to local expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT.

“Windows 7 was great. But now it’s about to die – and when it does, it will cause a big security headache,” he explained.

“When Microsoft abandons an operating system (officially called end of life), it stops updating it, or fixing it when it breaks.

“We’re pretty sure that hackers who have already discovered bugs they can exploit, are waiting for this to happen. And then they’ll start hitting businesses.”

Steve added: “The other problem is GDPR. This states that you must use up-to-date software. It certainly won’t be up-to-date if it’s reached the end of its life.

“That leaves you with little defence in the event of a data breach.”

The fix for Windows 7 is actually quite simple – upgrading to the latest Windows 10.

But Steve believes a huge number of local businesses haven’t yet taken action, because they don’t realise they’re running out of date tech.

He has a free book that helps local business owners & managers to identify whether they’re running risky old software.

Free copies are available at https://pureitgroup.co.uk/eGuides/December2019/2020Problem-December2019.pdf

Pure IT was formed in 1998, and now looks after hundreds of local businesses in the Hampshire area.

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