Hampshire firms warned to take action on Windows 7 ticking time bomb

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Half of all businesses in Hampshire are still relying on old out-of-date software that only has months left to live. It’s the town’s biggest business ticking time bomb, according to local IT expert Steve Macklin of Pure IT.

“Microsoft is ending the life of lots of software in January,” he explained.

“And any business round here that’s still relying on it by then is in huge danger of being hacked. We’re calling this the 2020 problem”

The software affected includes the popular Windows 7; Office 2010; and some well used server software. When software reaches the end of life, that means Microsoft will no longer support it. And that makes it a huge target for hackers.

Steve said: “Many people believe that hackers have already found ways to exploit this out-of-date software. But they are waiting till next year to take action.

“That’s because their hacking is less likely to be undone. Giving them greater access to threaten ordinary businesses.”

He added. “The only way around this is to take action now and replace the out-of-date software.

“It’s why I’ve written a new educational guide. So Hampshire businesses can instantly see if they are affected, and what to do about it.”

Any local business owner or manager can get a free copy at https://pureitgroup.co.uk/2020/

Pure IT was formed in 1998, and now looks after hundreds of local businesses in the Hampshire area.

Should you want to speak to Steve directly, he can be reached via [email protected], or on the main office number 02380 000500.

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