Hosted Telephony

Increasingly, businesses are looking for a flexible, low cost, yet user friendly, telephony solution that offers intuitive control without the need for expensive hardware, rentals, support and maintenance.

The perfect solution must be one that is tailored to your business requirements, is future proofed and will evolve and grow with your business, adding new functionality and features along the way.

Unlike many communications services, HVS is highly accessible. Available on a desk phone, mobile or even an installed app, HVS allows your business to be highly flexible.

Furthermore, with little or no upfront costs, HVS eliminates
financial constraints often associated with a traditional phone system.

You can replace your ageing phone system with a cost-effective hosted solution to match your needs, safe in the knowledge that HVS will grow with you and require no on-going maintenance fees.

Our infrastructure is maintained and upgraded
regularly to improve performance, capacity and introduce new features.

"I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

No Dotty, you're not. But with HVS you can ring home from your handset, mobile, or PC - none of this clicking your heels rubbish.

HVS has been our longstanding solution of choice.

How fantastic? Well we use it ourselves – any calls you make to us are done over HVS, which explains the crystal clear clarity. Whether we’re answering via our handsets, mobiles, or PCs, our calls are clear as day, smooth as butter, and sound as velvety soft as your nan’s living room curtains.

The future is now, and the future is HVS – join us on our telephony revolution.

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