Is Your Website Mobile Optimised?

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Smaller firms often struggle just to keep up with maintaining a website. Worrying about a scaled down version for mobile users seems like just too much trouble. Today’s blog is all about why this matters to you and why should you bother with a mobile version.
A bit of background: Mobile sites are versions of your website that can be easily read and used on a small mobile screen. What is readable on a laptop of desktop monitor can be too tiny to use on a small screen. Also, the buttons and fields on your forms become impossible to use.
Why does this matter? Three reasons
  1. Showing up in search rankings. If you want to be found in a search and appear high in the ranking, you need to have a “mobile optimised” site. Google has now included the failure to have a mobile optimised site as a specific reason to lower a website in its search rankings. If you don’t have a mobile optimised site, you slip lower in the ranking. Slip lower in the rankings and fewer people ever find you in a search. 
  2. More search and web activity now occurs on mobile devices than standard PC and laptops. If you want attention, you need to be “mobile ready.” You can’t just write off those mobile users- ­­there are too many of them. 
  3. If your site is too difficult to use on a phone screen, the user is just going to jump to another vendor. There’s nothing else to say.
So the summary is, if you haven’t already done so, you need to bite the bullet and get a mobile optimised site. The internet offers too much business to just ignore the issue.



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