Windows 10 update


Windows 10 ceased to be a free upgrade on the 29th July 2016. Since then, millions of users have upgraded to Windows 10 and been extremely happy with the outcome.

It’s left some people stuck with an older operating system, believing they can no longer upgrade for free. However, you can still upgrade!

At Pure IT we can offer your outdated Windows 7 machine to a fresh install of Windows 10.

As good as Windows 7 still is, and because it is still supported there is no immediate need for you to upgrade.

But the upgrade could breathe new life into your aging PC.

Windows 10 comes with a faster boot time, which means less time waiting when you first switch it on, it runs a lot smoother and faster than Windows 7 and looks a lot more ‘futuristic’ also!

So, if you’re interested in upgrading, give our team a call or email for a free quote!

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