Windows XP RIP

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Such was the success of Windows XP, and also the failure of Windows Vista to be recognised as its successor, that the number of people still using XP after over 10 years is quite immense.

Microsoft no longer support or provide security updates so the tipping point in terms of use and security has now been reached.

It is a mammoth task to replace or upgrade the many XP PCs that are still in daily use.

We are making in-roads into this for our clients.

For some with older PCs it is simply time to replace, and this will come as a reminder to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and schedule this over the next few weeks.

We have other clients that it is perfectly fine to upgrade their existing PC with Windows 7 and perhaps some additional memory.

If you have specific questions regarding for instance compatibility, please get in touch.

We look at each on a case by case basis, and you can be assured that our primary goal is do what is best from you, our clients.


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