Disaster Recovery

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We monitor all backups daily and you will receive a call from Stephen or myself whenever there is a problem, but this is a little different than restoring a file or two, you will appreciate.

You may not know it but the daily backup we setup for our client’s servers gives us the ability to total recover in the event of fire, flood etc.

Testing this on an annual basis gives us all the assurance that should the worst occur your server can be rebuilt from your latest backup.

The team here at Pure IT have been working hard, testing out disaster recovery plans for a number of clients recently.

With one of your portable backup drives, we restore onto our own server environment back at our office.

It takes around two-three hours to test the restore process fully, and an hour to collate and report the results.

If we haven’t done a full disaster recovery test for your server I would highly recommend getting in touch and make this part of your annual server maintenance.

We have compiled our own disaster recovery plan from an IT perspective. Click here to download the template.

Disaster Recovery Planning

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